Vacuum Maintenance

How to Clean Your Vacuum Filters

Mimi Huang, a Product Manager for BLACK+DECKER Home Products reinforced the importance of cleaning your vacuum filters, sharing that “clean filters maintain strong suction and help pick up dirt and debris effectively. Filters that are clogged may severely impact a vacuum cleaner’s performance.” She adds, “we recommend checking and cleaning your filter when emptying the dustbin. It’s…

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How to Prevent Pet Hair from Ruining Your Vacuum

Pets are such noble creatures, living alongside us people as our loyal companions and rightfully referred to by the title of “Man’s Best Friend”.If you own a pet, then you know that pet hair can be troublesome. Pet hairs are worst on carpets and floors, but they can also be found all over the house,…

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Quick Tips to Fix a Dirt Devil Vacuum

Dirt Devils are versatile conventional vacuums with powerful attachments. When your Dirt Devil malfunctions, you may be at a loss for how to fix it. If you are still covered by the warranty, you’re in luck, and the repair may come for free. If you need to repair your Dirt Devil vacuum on your own,…

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How to Change a Bissell Vacuum Belt

vacuum belt

Due to everyday wear and tear, your Bissell vacuum’s belt may break. Most belt breakage is caused by a buildup of friction and heat. To get your vacuum in working order again, you need to buy a replacement belt that is made for your specific Bissell model. There is no need to replace your entire…

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How Often You Should Clean Your HEPA Filter

Most cleaning professionals know vacuum cleaners with high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters can help protect indoor air quality.These filters capture the smallest of particles, down to 0.3 microns in size, 99.97 percent of the time. They can trap smoke, molds, bacteria, dust mites, pollen, and other particles. However, over time, HEPA filters need to…

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How to Clean Your Vacuum Cleaner

Have you ever thrown out a vacuum cleaner simply because it just didn’t have any suction power? Well, many people do. In this video, you are shown what you can do to give new life to your vacuum cleaner and by applying these procedures you will save money by not having to buy a new…

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Keeping Your Simplicity Vacuum In Shape

Keep your Simplicity vacuum in tiptop shape by following these helpful tips. Change your vacuum bag when it’s 2/3 full or once a month, whichever comes first. An overfull bag reduces your vacuum’s ability to pick up dust. Change your vacuum filter(s) every 12 months. If someone in your home suffers from allergies, change filters…

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How to Maintain a Vacuum Cleaner

vacuum maintenance

Your vacuum cleaner doesn’t need very much attention, but a little simple maintenance will keep it working and cleaning as efficiently as it can. Maintaining your vacuum cleaner properly can also head off more costly repairs or replacement. Unplug your vacuum cleaner before performing any maintenance on it. A vacuum cleaner that turns on unexpectedly…

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