Quick Tips to Fix a Dirt Devil Vacuum

Dirt Devils are versatile conventional vacuums with powerful attachments. When your Dirt Devil malfunctions, you may be at a loss for how to fix it. If you are still covered by the warranty, you’re in luck, and the repair may come for free. If you need to repair your Dirt Devil vacuum on your own,…

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How to Change a Bissell Vacuum Belt

vacuum belt

Due to everyday wear and tear, your Bissell vacuum’s belt may break. Most belt breakage is caused by a buildup of friction and heat. To get your vacuum in working order again, you need to buy a replacement belt that is made for your specific Bissell model. There is no need to replace your entire…

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Announcement: New Website Launched

We recently updated our website. Our old site was a little dated, so we went to work on providing a more user-friendly site for our customers and future customers! Hope you enjoy what you find! Thank you to all of you that have been supporting Mel’s Vacuum over the years!

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